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Our company was founded by board certified trainer Sara Richter, using the science of learning we have the knowledge and skills to help you navigate training your pet for most issues, concerns or interests. We also work with a network of professionals to consult on medical treatment, nutrition, fitness, sporting and more.

Please note that we do not create training plans or offer suggestions without first evaluating the dog and it’s history. For customized training plans and evaluation the best place to begin is with an Introductory Phone or Video Consultation for $19.99.

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Simply Animal Behavior and Training Center is Force, Pain and Fear Free. We stay up to date with modern science to ensure that we implement the most humane and effective practices. We utilize practices based in operant and classical conditioning with a focus on positive reinforcement. We will never utilize techniques that intimidate or hurt your pet and strictly ban the use of prong/pinch, choke, or electronic (shock/spray/invisible barrier) collars.

We begin training classes and lessons as early as 8 weeks of age, however we recommend the inclusion of a suitable socialization program through the age of 4 mo. for adequate psycho-social development as recommended by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior. We offer an ongoing Puppy Play and Learn class that meets these requirements.

Prices vary based on the location and duration of the appointments. A full listing of current pricing can be seen by clicking HERE.

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To ensure that we provide you with the most accurate information and an efficient course of training or behavior modification, we do not give out advice without first evaluating the pet and discussing your goals. If you would like a recommendation from our trainers, please begin with an Introductory Phone or Video Consultation for $19.99.

Because animal training is an unregulated industry, there is a lot of “free” advice floating around. Unfortunately many pet owners and even many unaccredited trainers are unaware of the damage much of this advice can do psychologically, and even physically in many cases. We urge anyone considering training for their pet to be wary of free advice, as it is often offered with little effort. When working with S.A.B.T.C. you will receive not only the one on one time with a board-certified trainer, but a guarantee that the trainer can answer your questions based on extensive knowledge, research and education. You can be sure that all of our advice was handpicked for you, with you and your pet’s best interest in mind.

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Our group classes function a little differently than most, in that all classes run on a rotating schedule so that you can join in whenever you like! All of our classes are served “a-la-carte” style, at $30 per session, you are not required to purchase a certain amount of sessions in advance. Instead, each daily topic is listed on our monthly calendar so you can attend the topics that are important to you in any order you prefer, and repeat or skip lessons as you like.

Additionally we offer private courses to address common issues, sold as a discounted package of private lessons scheduled at your convenience, and focused on a standardized curriculum.

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We do travel to provide in-home consultations and lessons within a specific travel area. If you are located outside of our travel area we can provide consultations and lessons online via video chat. More information on our location and travel area can be found HERE.

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We offer boarding on a very limited basis at Sara’s home in Grayslake, IL. For more information on this program and costs please click HERE.

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We offer financing through PayPal Credit on totals over $99, with 0% interest if paid within 6 months. For more information please click HERE.