Statement Regarding Dogs in Hot Cars

We have been informed of an incident wherein a dog was left in a car near our facility during which hours S.A.B.T.C. was closed. The dog was not harmed. The car in question belonged to a contractor who left no record of utilizing the facility at that time and was not supervised. The contractor has been terminated effective immediately. We want to emphasize that this was in clear violation of our policy in addition to being reprehensible. We sincerely thank the anonymous individual who brought this incident to our attention and assisted our mission to provide all animals with safe and humane care. 

"When the outside temperature is 70 degrees, a car can heat up to 89 degrees in just 10 minutes, and to 104 in 30 minutes. At 80 degrees outside, you're looking at 99 degrees inside a vehicle in 10 minutes and 114 in 30 minutes." -

If you witness a dog locked in a car, do not hesitate to call the police, as it can easily become life-threatening.

Sara Richter, CPDT-KA