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Manners and Obedience Class [Topic: Recall - Come When Called]

  • Pet People 775 Waukegan Road Deerfield, IL, 60015 United States (map)

This class topic is rescheduled to Monday June 3rd as Pet People is going to close early for Memorial Day. If class participants would like to make up the lesson sooner, we will be offering $30 (30 min.) private lessons at this location this week using code MAKEUP.

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This class session introduces the concept of name reorientation, targeting, and building a recall behavior. Combined with exercises that pet parents use in their daily routine, this class aims to cultivate responsiveness, and give pet parents emergency management tools and foundational skills necessary for success.

Our group classes function a little differently than most, in that all classes run on a rotating schedule so that you can join in whenever you like! All of our classes are served “a-la-carte” style, at $30 per session, you are not required to purchase a certain amount of sessions in advance. Instead, each daily topic is listed on our monthly calendar so you can attend the topics that are important to you in any order you prefer, and repeat or skip lessons as you like. This puts you in full control of what your pup learns, and what is important to you, without hurting your pocketbook.

Topic Rotation:

Come When Called

Greeting People Politely

Teething, Nipping & Biting

Loose Leash Walking

Stay & Wait

Stationing & Mat Work

Our Manners and Obedience Class is appropriate for puppies and dogs as early as 8 weeks old to any age, and introduces the foundational skills for general manners and obedience. Class duration is 45 minutes. Puppies under 6 months of age will be invited to participate in supervised socialization for 15 minutes after lecture and exercises have been completed as recommended by AVSAB for healthy psychosocial development.

Pre-enrollment is required to attend class.

All puppies must present proof of first round puppy vaccinations to participate in supervised socialization.

All participants must wear a flat buckle collar, harness or head collar (e.g. halti or gentleleader), and a non-retractable 6 ft leash.

Pet Parents should bring a sandwich-size bag with some of pet's food and some small treats.

Pinch, choke, slip, or electronic collars are not permitted when working with Simply Animal Behavior and Training Center for the safety of you, your pet, and the staff. 

Banned collars can be traded in for big discounts on any of our services.

$30 per session, payment method required to reserve appointment, charges will not be made until after the appointment time.