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Crate Training 101 Live Video Webinar

Crate Training 101 Pic.jpg

Working with your pet from the comfort of home has never been easier! All you need is a web-enabled smart phone, tablet or computer to participate!

Much in the same way that we appreciate having our own places to relax, dogs enjoy having a special place to keep toys, chews, and possessions of their own - a small environment where they can feel truly at home. In many instances, this space is designated by a wire crate, kennel, or a play pen. For our purposes, we will refer to this special place as a crate.

A crate can serve as a tremendously useful tool in a number of situations, but it’s very important that our dog develops a positive association with the crate, and feels comfortable going to the crate voluntarily before we attempt to use it as a resource. It is equally important that the dog remains comfortable in their crate for some extended period of time.  This webinar covers:

  • Learning Through Association

  • In and Out on Cue

  • Separation & Distance

  • Duration

  • Activities in the Crate

This webinar will be recorded, and will be sent to registered participants with following the live version of this session.