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How Animals Learn 101 Live Video Webinar

How Animals Learn 101 Pic.jpg

Working with your pet from the comfort of home has never been easier! All you need is a web-enabled smart phone, tablet or computer to participate!

To train our dogs effectively, it is important that we first understand the science behind learning. The science that follows in this section is a brief summary of learning theory. By understanding how it is that all living beings learn, from worms to elephants and even humans, we can then establish the most effective methods of teaching and training. This webinar covers:

  • Respondent Vs. Operant Conditioning

  • The ABC’s of Behavior

  • Extinction Vs. Suppression

  • Basics of Creating New Behavior (Capturing, Luring, Shaping)

  • Basics Changing Unwanted Behavior

This webinar will be recorded, and will be sent to registered participants with following the live version of this session.