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Desensitization Session for Reactive Dogs

  • Pet People 775 Waukegan Road Deerfield, IL, 60015 United States (map)
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These group sessions accompany the Online Reactive Dogs: for Owners and Handlers course offered by S.A.B.T.C. and facilitate a structured desensitization and counter-conditioning environment to help dogs who react to the presence of unknown people, other dogs, or other triggering stimuli by barking, lunging or snapping to build confidence and coping skills.

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Online Class

Attendance of desensitization sessions is not mandatory to enroll in this course, work can be completed from home.

Train your dog from the comfort of home with online training courses from Simply Animal Behavior and Training Center! Some dogs react to triggers such as the appearance of unknown dogs or people by barking, lunging or snapping aggressively. This course addresses the underlying causes of reactive behavior as well as strategies to manage and prevent reactions from occurring again in the future. By the time this course is complete owners should be able to read their dog's behavior to predict outcomes and determine appropriate steps to help cultivate their dog's ability to cope with reasonable expectations.

Topics are released weekly with day by day instructions. Schedule is as follows:

Week 1: Understanding Managing and Preventing Reactive Behavior.

Week 2: Desensitizing and Counter Conditioning Noises Associated with Triggers

Week 3: Foundational Handling Skills for Desensitizing and Counter Conditioning

Week 4: Desensitizing and Counter Conditioning to a Stationary Trigger

Week 5: Desensitizing and Counter Conditioning to a Moving Trigger at a Distance

Week 6: Desensitizing and Counter Conditioning to a Passing Trigger

Week 7: Using Learned Skills and Knowledge of Dog to Continue Advancing Coping Skills Over Time

The instructor will regularly monitor the comments and submissions to provide feedback and answer questions as you progress.


If you have taken our Reactive Dog class in the past please send us an email and we will provide you with a discount access code to the current course.