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Our methods are force, pain and fear free and based exclusively in modern science. Our techniques are based in operant and classical conditioning, and function on both a psychological and biological level. The goal is to teach an animal how to behave in any given situation, while employing management strategies to replace and extinguish unwanted behaviors. These techniques not only create reliable behavior they strengthen relationships between owners and animals. Our trainers are required to maintain accreditation through strict continuing education to ensure that our clients receive the top industry advice. 


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Animal Assisted Therapy

With Anita Schmidt L.C.S.W., Sessions Covered by Popular Insurance

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Group Dog Training Classes

From beginners, to advanced specialties we have a little something for everyone.

Behavior Consultations

Aggression, Anxiety, Abnormal Behavior and More. If your have questions about your pet’s behavior, start here.

Online Classes, Webinars and Video Consultations!

Train your dog from the comfort of home, no matter where that is!

Private Training Sessions

Private sessions are a great way to continue training, with a targeted approach.

Open Training Times

A collaborative practice environment to refresh or continue training.

Canine Playtime

Beat the cold this winter, by letting your pet romp in our 2,000 sq. ft. playroom with other friendly pets.

Discounts & Packages

Save on popular services, by buying in bulk!

Dog Walking

From fitness to enrichment, we’ve got you covered.

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Pet Sitting

Home visits and stays for while you are away.

Day Academy

Drop-Off Training and Socialization Program.

I’d like to thank Max for being a great teacher with lots of knowledge and patience. My dog and I really enjoyed the class and could see ourselves doing another course.
— C.N.
Sara is knowledgeable and patient. We have a protective dog that we need help with since she is around others often and has gotten aggressive on several occasion. She has given us hope.
— S.O.
Milo loves going to simply and we have all benifited from the training. It really is a special place.
— C.G.
Love Sarah! She is amazing, knowledgable, professional and effective!!! Wouldn’t go anywhere else.
— A.R.
We were thrilled with the class and Sara’s knowledge and professionalism!!!!!
— V.W.
Our first class at Simply Animal Behavior and Training, Puppy Basics, was really great. The trainer, Max, explained each technique clearly and spent equal time with each puppy. I am looking forward to continuing our classes to train our puppy and her humans.
— V.J.