Better Behavior Through Better Relationships.


Simply Animal Behavior and Training Center's methods are force, pain and fear free and based exclusively in science with an emphasis on better behavior through better understanding. Our trainers are required to maintain accreditation through strict continuing education to ensure that our clients receive the best advice.  That is what makes us Simply Humane, Simply Effective, Simply the Best!

Simply Animal Behavior and Training Center was founded with the goal of making force-free methods based on positive reinforcement, and backed by sound science accessible to owners everywhere. Positive reinforcement involves rewarding an animal after they perform a behavior correctly. We often use a bridging stimulus in our training otherwise known as a clicker, to help communicate more precisely with the animal. The clicker marks the moment in time that an animal has acted correctly and earned a reward. Our techniques are based in operant and classical conditioning, and function on both a psychological and biological level. The goal of training is to teach an animal how to behave in any given situation, while employing management strategies to replace and extinguish unwanted behaviors. These techniques create reliable behavior and strengthened relationships between owners and animals.