Private Training Sessions

Our mission is to give you the training knowledge and skills to work with your pet during the course of their life. Our private training sessions are perfectly tailored to your goals for your pet. Sessions are offered online via video chat, at our location, and in-home. If you are new to S.A.B.T.C. you will need to begin with an Initial Consultation in which we evaluate your pet, discuss history and concerns, health, management and nutrition, and develop a customized training plan that can then be implemented in follow up private sessions.

During the follow-up sessions a trainer will instruct you, not only on how to train the skills you are looking for, but the science behind the methodology. Private lessons are a great way to fully focus and customize your training plan. Some examples of topics we cover with private training sessions includes:

  • Improving Performance of Known Behaviors

  • Translating Exercises to Unique Contextual Environments

  • Tricks & Games

  • Sports Training (e.g. Parkour, Agility, Treiball, Rally, Obedience, Nosework)

  • Assistive Behaviors (e.g. Retrieving, turning lights on or off, opening and closing doors, etc.)

  • And more!