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Easily track your training progress and earn rewards for achieving your goals!

  1. Take a short video of your dog performing the behavior described.

  2. Post it to Facebook or Instagram

  3. Tag our company and make sure to include the # for the achievement you are submitting. 

  4. We will review and credit $1 to your account for every eligible post. 

  5. Earn bonus rewards for completing levels!

Participation Rules: Must have completed at least one training session with S.A.B.T.C., dogs must perform behavior after only one cue, and cannot be coerced into performing. Dogs may not wear prong, choke or electronic collars.

Manners Level 1

Indoor or low distraction environment.


Tricks promote polite behavior by increasing your pup’s repertoire. Now you can earn rewards for these fun activities!

Cooperative Care

Earn rewards for helping your pet build confidence with handling, grooming and other care procedures!

Manners Level 2

Outdoors or Medium Distraction Environment

Reactive Rovers

No matter what you are working on, you can earn rewards for your progress!


Therapy Dog

No matter what you are working on, you can earn rewards for your progress!

Manners Level 3

Outdoors Public or High Distraction Environment.

Fitness Fun

As warm weather approaches, try out these great moves to keep your pup fit and healthy!



Write a brief post sharing how training has helped you to reach one of your goals with your pet for a bonus reward!