Behavioral Concerns


An initial consultation is the first step towards better behavior where we take a detailed history, observe your pet, review their nutrition, management, and health care and consult with your veterinarian to provide a full-spectrum of support. From there we create a custom training or behavior modification plan tailored to your needs!

Our approach is science-based and rooted in ethology and psychology. We adhere to the guidelines set forth by governing organizations and outlined in the position statements authored by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior on humane behavior modification of animals.

Some examples of common issues include:

  • Aggression (i.e. Barking, Lunging, Growling, Snapping, Biting etc.)

  • Excessive Barking or Vocalization

  • Destructive Behavior (i.e. Chewing, Digging, Tearing Inappropriate Objects)

  • Accidents (Urination or Defecation) in the Home

  • Anxiety, Fear, or Stress, Rude or Pushy Social Interaction

  • Guarding Objects, Food, or Space

  • Excessive Licking, Chewing or Grooming of Self

  • Ingestion of Non-Food Items

  • Coprophagia (Ingestion of Feces)

  • Regular Gastrointestinal Distress, and much more!

After your session, you will receive an estimate and outline of your unique training plan, this may consist of private training sessions, classes, training walks, day training, webinars, and more. With so many options available we can customize our plans to suit you.

If you live outside of our service range, or are looking to save some money, try our Online Video Consultation!

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Because this appointment is in large part an interview, we can complete this appointment easily via our secure video-chat software. Once the appointment is booked, you will receive an email with detailed picture instructions and a unique link that can be used to access the secure virtual meeting without downloading any special software or applications. All you need is an internet enabled smartphone, tablet or computer with a webcam!

Sara Richter, CPDT-KA

Sara Richter, CPDT-KA Founder of Simply Animal Training LLC, began her professional training career in 2008 after 11 years as a student in the equestrian world. Sara began as an assistant horse trainer and horseback riding instructor for JGarvey Horsemanship. During the following 4 years she learned the ins and outs of positive reinforcement training, behaviorism, and operant conditioning. In 2013 Sara formed an equine training business known as Equestrianism. In 2014 Sara became a leader with the Local 4H where she taught children to use clicker training with numerous other animals including pigs, sheep, chickens, and even small animals. In 2014 Sara Joined forces with Root Dog Training LLC as a dog trainer, where she learned to translate her knowledge of learning theory and behaviorism, to the unique behaviors of canines. Sara is proud to continue offering Animal-friendly Force-Free services to pets and owners of all kinds. Sara is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed from the Certification Council For Professional Dog Trainers, and a Canine Life and Social Skills Evaluator with the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. Sara is constantly advancing her education in animal training and behavior through continuing education, certification, and college courses.